Umicore provides gold, silver and platinum group fabricated products in a wide range of dimensions and shapes. Standard products include grain, wire, plate, strip, tube and ring blanks. These products can be made to our standard specifications or to match the requirements of various jewellery and industrial applications. Our ISO certification give you additional assurance that our Management system conforms to the ISO 9001 Standard


Umicore offers many products in silver materials ( tube, plate, wire and grain) and products for the jewellery industry and for industrial applications in fine silver materials. A wide selection of finenesses is available to satisfy your specific needs.


Umicore offers a wide variety of materials in gold from 10K to 22K gold and fine metals. Umicore also produces these karats in a variety of colours for all your jewellery manufacturing needs. We offer yellow, white, green and red materials. Umicore also offers palladium white gold materials for all your nickel safe materials requirements. 

Platinum Group Metals

Umicore offers a variety of platinum group metals: 95-5IR, 95-5RU 90-10IR, and 95-heat treatable materials. There are also materials available for industrial applications. Umicore is also now offering materials in 950 palladium in tube and grain, plus palladium white gold products in plate, wire, grain and tube.